The Brewing of a Barbaric Terrorist Group in Northern Ethiopia

What kind of human being can do such an appalling thing to another fellow human being?  How someone claims to know God, proud Christian, peaching day and night to create a united country do such a terrific and an evil crime his countrymen?  How one can rate the mind and personality of someone who burns a person alive? How can one rate a person’s mind who kills and burns, and take selfie with the burning body?

Is it possible at all for someone to have the same country and citizenship with such group of people? What kind of justice can be served for such criminal minded people? Above all, who is behind a such notorious group of killers? How should the people who are at the center of such evil act protect themselves? Time will tell!


The Oromo People

Origin A brief look at the early history of some of the peoples who have occupied north-eastern Africa sheds some light on the origin of the Oromos.  The Oromo belongs to the Eastern Cushitic language subfamily which in turn belongs to the Afro Asiatic super family that occupied most parts of northeastern Africa. The Cushitic […]


Oromo Gada System

Oromo society was structured in accordance with this Gada system. The Oromo society was structured into two distinct but cross-cutting system of pear group.  One is the system in which the members of each class are recruited strictly on the basis of chronological age which the anthropologists call Age Sets. The second is a system […]

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